Rent a Paddle Board Morning, Day, or Night

How to Rent a Paddle Board

First things First. Plan Weather controls your paddle boarding destiny. Call ahead. Let us help you make a memory.

We offer a high end SUP rental package and we are available all morning, day, and night to meet your paddle board rental needs. You can rent paddle boards with lights. After reserving your paddle boards all you have to do is show up to Zoll st Beach. `Are you already on the water? We also offer free delivery to your location! (within a 10 mile radius of Harbor Springs)

We keep our paddle boards in a storage unit near Zoll Park. Give us a call and we will make a plan for you to rent a paddle board and get you on the water. We can accomodate same day rentals. I recommend calling ahead. Boards can go quick so it is always best to reserve ahead of time. 

What you get for $50 ea.

Stand up Paddle Board 

Adjustable Paddle

Coiled Leash

Waist or Chest PFD

Bottle of Water

Harbor Springs Paddle Board Club Sticker

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