Night Paddle Boarding

Book a guided tour or rent board with lights!

Exploration is all about discovery. Seeing what you’ve never seen before. LED Night paddle board tours are made for adventurers who are ready to get out on the water past sunset and explore like never before. The NOCQUA SPECTRUM under water lighting system (7 colors available!) have been specially designed to attach to the bottom of any SUP illuminating the water below your feet.

The whole vibe changes when you are carving through the water at night. When you are paddle boarding at night it’s just a completely unique experience. It’s very difficult to describe to people because you have never done anything like that. Imagine you are floating on your paddleboard surrounded by this ball of light. Almost like paddling in your own aquarium. You just never know what you will reveal when you turn on the lights. No matter your adventure, these under water lighting systems are the new, one-of-a-kind way to see and be seen on the water.

There’s no need to let the fun stop when the sun goes down—that’s when it all begins. Experience the water at night as it comes to life during a NOCQUA Night Tour. Tranquility and magic underneath – friends and night skies above. The LED night tour is truly an epic adventure. Fuel the fire inside you, the water and perspective this tour offers will captivate your senses. Get ready for a viewing experience of a lifetime.

Tour includes Lighted Paddle board, paddle, PFD/waist pack, and an ASI accredited instructor.

Cost to rent a paddle board with lights  $65 per person

Cost for guided tour per person at night additional $100 per group.

When: LED night paddleboarding begins when the sun goes down and is by appointment only so call or book an appointment online.

Location:  Departs from Zoll St beach on Bay St. in Harbor Springs.

Ask about us coming to you! Private parties are available on the lake of your choice. This experience is perfect for bachelorette parties, corporate groups, families, and friends.

Call us to book your Night SUP Tour. 231-622-9084

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