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Paddle Brad

Fish Crooked Lake on a Stand Up Paddle Board!

Last week a friend and I fished Crooked Lake on our stand up paddle boards and we had a blast. I don’t even fish, and I still had a great deal of fun exploring the backwaters of Crooked Lake and dropping a line in the water. I mean it was so peaceful paddling the waters you see here in the first couple of photos. The water was only a foot or less in most places maybe getting as deep as a couple feet. The paddle boards we were on are perfect for fishing. The 10-8 inflatable paddle board is 34 inches wide and very stable. Red Paddle co. is the manufacturer. Jeff, pictured below, brilliantly found comfort on his board placing his tackle box in the middle and sitting on it as he paddled to his next fishing spot. Each paddle board was equipped with a ten pound weight. Using string and a carabineer proved to make for an effective anchor.


The great part about fishing on our paddle boards was the perspective. We silently paddled right over the fish we were after and the fish were very easy to spot, especially when standing. It was like paddling in an aquarium. We spotted several sucker fish and Jeff caught a nice size pike!

It was really cool paddling places that boats couldn’t go. Our paddle boards only draw 3 inches and the high density rubber fins are perfect for the shallow spots. Most paddle boards use plastic or carbon fins that draw 6-8 inches or so.

We were on the water for a few hours. Fishing, exploring, and observing nature and all of its beauty. One memory I have is watching a swan take off. It was like watching a pterodactyl or something. Talk about a massive wingspan. And it was kind of adventures passing through the tunnel entering another section of Crooked Lake.

I have always said you can do anything on a paddle board and have fun doing whatever it is you love. That is why I experimented with paddle board fishing. I am glad Jeff encouraged me to go. I know he had a blast. I will definitely like to go fishing again. Just being on the water is always a great experience, catching dinner is a bonus.

If you are interested in paddle board fishing check out Harbor Springs Paddle Board Club. They have the gear, the expertise to teach you stand up paddle boarding, and a great deal of passion. Try paddle boarding this summer. What are you waiting for? Rent a stand up paddle board and go fishing!