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Paddle Brad

OceanRodeo SOUL is the Best Dry Suit for Cold Water Paddleboarding

Thank you Ocean Rodeo for designing the SOUL dry suit. It is hands down the best dry suit for cold water paddleboarding. I just finished a 3 mile paddle in Harbor Springs, Michigan, home to the largest natural harbor in the United States. Harbor Springs is also home to some wicked cold and windy weather. Die hard surfers come from all over the world to catch some awesome waves in Northwest Michigan come the winter months. 

My SUP conditions included 20 mph winds, 40 degree air temps, and below 40 water temp. The ice from winter just left the harbor a few days ago. It rained all day and will rain into the night. I found a window to paddle and I did. I paddled downwind for the first half and against the violent gusts on the way back. I had to drop to my knees a couple times, very humbling. I still loved every second of it. I felt great out there all things considered because I geared up properly. This is so important in any sport or activity.

My SOUL dry suit is amazing. It keeps my sealed, which is step one. I was between a wet suit and dry suit because another concern I had was mobility and free range of motion. I didn’t want gear to restrict me in any way. I am conditioned to paddling in tropical weather. I loathe the cold! This dry suit doesn’t restrict me at all. In fact, I barely feel I am wearing it sometimes. My xcel booties and gloves give me more issues than the dry suit, mostly because I also have a distain for shoes and don’t prefer gloves (see statement about cold above).

I truly am impressed how much mobility I have in this air tight suit. The zipper all work great. The SOUL dry suit is the perfect combination of form and function. I have a great deal of confidence in this dry suit. That is a great feeling to have when paddling in cold windy weather. Trust me.

The only problem I have had with the SOUL dry suit is a reflection of my haste. Sometimes I am in such a hurry to get on the water so I don’t take the time to place my feet in properly with regard to the overall straps. This means I have to pull my leg back through and start over. Like I said, the problem is really me. Lol.

Not only did I head out in this wicked cold and windy weather, I paddled in open water and some protected. This means I need some more gear to consider myself properly geared up. I also wore 5mm booties and 3mm gloves both made by xcel. Great buys! I am happy with the performance and they don’t smell. I also wore an NRS waist pfd and Dakine waist camel pack. A Bullys leash attached me to a 14ft elite Red Paddle Co. inflatable race board, and a full carbon Mistral paddle weighing less than a pound.  I was definitely ready to paddle comfortably and safely.

If you are planning to paddle board in cold water conditions I stand behind the SOUL dry suit. The SOUL dry suit is the best dry suit for cold weather paddleboarding. Contact me or post a comment if you have any questions. If there is a better dry suit out there I certainly want to know about it. I am always looking for the best SUP gear.